Working with Koroyd is far more than a simple request for samples and quick integration.
We support you with design, development, engineering and marketing.


Working with our commercial team, we will identify a mutually beneficial agreement upon which our partnership can be built. 

Our goal is to work with our partners on a long term basis with a certain level of commitment from both entities. 

We can tailor our agreements to each individual case and ensure that the contract covers everything from intellectual property, to exclusivity and cobranding.


The level of support that Koroyd can provide for your brand will be dictated by the commercial agreement. 

Our support covers many areas including customer service, new product development, purchasing and marketing. 

Each of those support areas has a depth of services we can offer with a view to providing the best possible results from our partnership.


Far beyond a logo on a product, our branding is designed as a statement of safety. 

In the same way we all know it’s safe to drive on when the traffic light turns green, we want to educate consumers that Koroyd green is synonyms with safety. 

You’ll have the support of our marketing team who will provide you with all of the assets you need to tell a compelling technology story and differentiate your products.

Graham Sours Smith

The key to our success was not just using this innovative material in our helmets, but the support from the internal team at Koroyd. 

Koroyd is one of our key development partners and, without their expertise and support, none of this would have been possible.

Graham Sours

category manager - smith